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Aceite de coco extra virgen biococo pack 2 unidades por 500 ml

Pack 2 oils 500 ML

SKU: 13
$97,000.00 Regular Price
$82,400.00Sale Price

*We are in the process of changing our image, we are leaving the previous stock, the product label may vary to the image.

We present you the coconut oil Megapack 1 liter glass, more ecological and more economical. Pay $12,000 less when you buy this pack with 2 500 ml containers (separately they would cost $89,800).Perfect for your dishes and your beauty routine. Organic/virgin coconut oil, it is 100% pure, does not have any kind of chemicals, suitable for human consumption. Cold pressed. The oil changes its state according to the weather, liquid at high temperatures and solid at low temperatures.


Coconut oil is solid in cold weather and liquid in hot weather.


Can be used on skin and in cooking


Not compatible with discount codes.

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