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palmera y aceite de coco extra virgen prensado en frio bioco de 1 litro



We make products with our coconuts, examples of this are: Extra virgin organic coconut oil, cold pressed, which makes us experts in its manufacture, guaranteeing a product with all sanitary measures and strict quality processes. We have sanitary registration number PSA-0002008-2019, our crops do not have chemicals and nothing extra is added to the product, nor preservatives or oils to render it.


It is 100% organic coconut oil, that is, pure, the result of the first pressing of the pulp of fresh coconuts in crops. Its production is done naturally, under a cold pressing process that allows quality and purity, while we use sustainable and planet-friendly techniques. Our products preserve and ensure the nutrients and properties that benefit health and in the beauty sector for the body.


Natural coconut oil has a soft and nice smell, it melts at temperatures above 23 degrees so it can be in solid or liquid way depending on temperature.

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