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Some Sacha Inchi Benefits


✔ Reduces of cholesterol.

✔ Regulates blood pressure and kidney function.

✔ Reduces triglyceride rate by improving blood irrigation.

✔ Regulates lose weight. 

✔ Sugar level regulator.

✔ Activate and strengthen the immune system.

✔ Delays the aging process.

✔ Provides energy that's why it reduces tiredness, stress, and mental exhaustion.

✔ Great source of vitamin E.

ensalada con aceite de sacha inchi biosacha
harina de sacha inchi biosacha y galletas y cupcakes horneados

✔ Contributes to the deep moisturizing of the skin.

✔ High content of essential fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9.

✔Regenerative effect.

✔ Contains alpha-linolenic acid, which helps regenerate the skin.

✔ Stimulates collagen production

✔ Contributes to reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines of expression.

✔ High content in Vitamin A, E and Antioxidants.

oleo humectante de sacha inchi biosacha
mujer joven sonriendo y usando oleo humectante biosacha a base de sacha inchi
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