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✔ Promotes cardiovascular health.

✔Activates the metabolism and contributes to maintain a healthy weight.

✔ Strengthen the immune system.

✔Helps maintain levels of blood sugar under control.

✔ It is easy to assimilate in the body.

✔ Prevents heart disease.

✔ Balance hormones.

✔ Improves memory

✔ Reduce arthritis.

✔ Reduces the risk of cancer.

✔ Turn bad cholesterol into good.

✔ Reduces triglycerides.

aceite de coco extra virgen biococo y certificación AVPA

✔Contribuye a mantener un peso saludable. 

✔Es de fácil asimilación en el organismo.

✔Activa el metabolismo

✔Mejora la función del cerebro.

✔Equilibra las hormonas.

✔Natural product free of toxic ingredients

✔Provides safely hydration.

✔ Prevents premature skin aging.

✔ Keeps healthy hair, giving it shine and softness.

✔Reduces wrinkles and lines of expression.

✔Prevents acne and skin infections.

✔Prevents and reduces stretch marks.

✔Reduce sunspots.

✔Excellent post waxing scrub.

✔It can be a natural deodorant.

✔It is a natural makeup remover

✔It can be used to make natural toothpaste

✔Helps healing

✔ It can be used as a natural bronzer.

✔Promotes beard growth and hydrates it.


✔ Excelente exfoliante post depilación.  

✔ Tiene efecto desodorante.  

✔ Es un excelente desmaquillante natural.

✔ Se puede utilizar para realizar pasta dental natural.

✔ Ayuda a la cicatrización.

✔ Se puede utilizar como bronceador natural.

✔ Promueve el crecimiento de la barba y la hidrata.

✔ Ideal para usarlo después de la afeitada. 

✔ Previene y reduce estrías.

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