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Aceite de coco extra virgen biococo 180ml y reparador de labios con aceite de coco biococo 13ml

Men's beard and lips kit

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Coconut oil men's kit to moisturize the beard after shaving + moisturizing lip gloss.


Beard: possesses propertiesantifungal and antibacterialwhat isThey prevent the skin in that area from drying out and flaking, it acts as a calming agent, avoiding classic irritation after shaving.


Lips: thanks to its nourishing and moisturizing properties, it prevents skin spots, helping to improve the appearance of the lips, making them look more hydrated and juicy.  


Organic/virgin coconut oil, it is 100% pure, does not have any kind of chemicals, suitable for human consumption. Cold pressed. The oil changes its state according to the weather, liquid at high temperatures and solid at low temperatures.

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