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Hombre joven rural trabajador de bioco


Upon meeting 21-year-old Maever Morelo, the first thing you notice is her lively, happy, and fun personality. Very early, around 8 in the morning, he arrives at the plant with a smile from ear to ear that spreads to everyone who works with him. Ready to work on whatever is prepared for that day: “Cleaning is done, programming is done, all the work tools are found, they are placed on the site and we begin. If the coconut is to be processed, it must be washed and then scratched. You have to get the milk with the other machine (the grater) and so on”.


For Maever his routine has not always been like this. Before working with, he was in Bogotá working as a window installer, a job that only gave him stability while works were being carried out and for which, living in a remote area from his workplace, he had to get up at 4:30 am and so be on time.


Why did you decide to return to your homeland? His wife and now the mother of his son, suffered complications during the pregnancy and due to limited resources they had to return to San Bernardo del Viento using most of their savings for medical care. Although he tells this story with a bit of sadness in his voice and averting his gaze, as if he were remembering those difficult moments, he couldn't be happier about being a father: “I had a dream and it came true that it was to have a son. Now my other dream is to move him forward, give him a better future and educate him as much as possible”. This is precisely what it intends to do together with He understands the purpose of the company and hopes to progress with it for his son, the engine of his life. He also sees the benefit for his town of which he feels very proud and his wide eyes and smile when he speaks are proof of this.


Even with the problems, such as the lack of employment that forced him to migrate for 5 years to Panama and a year and a half to Bogotá, in addition to corruption, Maever likes everything about his town, especially its agriculture (corn is grown, rice, eggplant, coconut, banana, to name a few).  Also the friendliness of the people and the sense of community where everyone is a friend. He affirms that in San Bernardo del Viento it is common to meet all the residents of the neighborhood. They are also very familiar people, when finishing his work day at 6 in the afternoon, Maever goes to his mother's house, they chat for a while, then he visits his grandmother and finally he arrives home where the first thing he does is greet his wife and spend time with their eight-month-old son. He buys something for dinner, eats, takes a shower and goes out again but without forgetting that he must return before 10:00 pm to avoid the "parrandas" and be able to get up the next day. As he says this, he laughs mischievously and a bit sadly, he brings out that inner child he carries again but quickly takes a more serious stance.


This employee also wants to see his land progress, he imagines it with buildings of more than four stories, with all paved streets and less crime. As he mentioned earlier, his experience at has been "very cool" and the benefits that the company gives him are striking, basic benefits that he had not had in other jobs. Maever, a dark, thin, curly-haired and rebellious young man, is enthusiastic when talking about how is taking the name of his town to other parts of the country and how his hands are at the disposal of a company that watches over the future. of San Bernardo del Viento.

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