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Mujer rural joven sonriendo trabajadora de bioco

La smile of the women of San Bernardo del Viento

Every morning Yinia Núñez wakes up with the joy of sending her nine-year-old daughter to school. This proud San Bernardino with a slim build, tall, with her curls tied up in a , found in an opportunity that is not constantly presented to women in the area. "More than anything, employment comes for men, very little for women," he says.


For a month now, he has been arriving at at 8:00 am to prepare everything for that day's tasks. When the coconut is processed, Yinia is ready for an “intense” day. The work has seemed so fascinating to her that on the occasions when there is more activity, she takes her lunch to the plant and prepares to advance her work. “The part when the oil is extracted, when it is being bottled, that satisfaction of knowing that you are already bottled everything that you have done. That's a very satisfying part for me." He says this with a big smile on his face that also shows his pride and ownership of his work.


Yinia is a technician in early childhood education, before being part of He was the one who helped the 1st and 2nd grade children in his neighborhood with school reinforcement, doing homework or supporting them for exams. His training and experience with minors is evident in his speech, his voice is sweet, he speaks in a low and cascading tone as if he were teaching a class and he always looks into his eyes. He works every day to fulfill the dream of having his own house, helping his family. In addition to giving her daughter the best education, she wants to finish her studies and become an early childhood educator.


The joy in his eyes when he talks about San Bernardo del Viento reflects's raison d'être in the community. “I love being from the coast, being from here in San Bernardo, a quiet town, very quiet, there is peace. Its very playful people, very respectful”. He is also aware of the need for employment to improve the quality of life of San Bernardinos and eliminate the bad image of tourists about San Bernardo, for this reason he is part of "That is my dream, that more projects come here, more companies, that San Bernardo is an industrial town, pushed forward where there are more jobs so that people do not have to leave."


He knows very well that the San Bernardinos, with their kindness and joy, day after day overcome the trail left by drug trafficking in the area. Now it is a quiet town and tourists are discovering wonderful places in every corner of San Bernardo del Viento as well as wonderful people like Yinia, a character who, despite the midday sun, has not left aside her vivacity and cordiality.

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