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mujeres trabajadores de bioco en finca

The creation of BIO CO generates multiple projects with the aim of contributing to social, environmental, economic and social development throughout the national territory. We are a company committed to regions; through the planting of coconut crops, sacha inchi crops and our apiaries, we contribute for the construction of a better country, generating employment in Albania and Florián in Santander, in Chocontá, Cundinamarca and in San Bernardo de Viento, Córdoba, in Colombia. We believe in fair trade and in the idea of ​​helping each other. Our farmers make a natural product with the best quality.

Our social platform expanded to generate sources of income for the communities where BIO.CO S.A.S enters, we not only positively impact the lives of our collaborators with generation of formal employment, we also move economy by supporting local entrepreneurs, associating them with our productive chain, contributing to the reduction of rural poverty rates. We have generated more than 50 formal jobs in rural communities and indirectly have contributed to the generation of income for more than 500 families.

We create well-being to transform our planet!

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