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hombre mayor con coco en las manos trabajador en San Bernardo del Viento

The place where se cultivate this dream

Although Don Guillermo Hernández is not a native of San Bernardo del Viento, the cultivation of coconuts has led him to be very close to the town. The land was planted long before he arrived, but the five years he has been supervising it have made him know it inside out. In his eyes you can see his love for the countryside and for the tranquility that life offers him in it. His strong hands denote the hard work he does every day and the experience of the years that show his gray hair and mustache.


His patience and wisdom have been key to the coconut harvest. He carries out the harvesting process five or three times a week, visiting each palm and taking the coconuts he finds to peel them with the scissors, a tool used to open the thick, hard outer shell of the coconut. “Sometimes up to eight days to collect. Let's say look, right now I was a week old and look what I collected, very little (approximately 100 coconuts) and before they collected up to 300 or 400”.


Guillermo, a man who inspires tenderness and respect, knows every palm that is found in the 56 hectares that occupies the land of which only one has been planted. Perform cleaning, removing dry leaves and collecting those that have fallen. When the "bull" appears, the only insect that attacks coconut palms, he is in charge of fighting it with creolin and preventing it from damaging the young plant: "You throw it through the hole so that it comes out and there one waits for you and Chaz ! He hits it with the machete." He says this in an energetic voice while laughing and mimicking how he uses his tool, which he hasn't put down during the entire tour of the farm, only to shell the coconuts. Mature palms are not affected by this pest, so the first years of care are critical as they are more susceptible to this type of attack.


It is clear that Don Guillermo is a key collaborator in the cultivation of's coconuts, he will know when it will be the right time to plant more palms in good weather. Meanwhile, he continues to work hard to keep the land in the best possible condition, on the farm where he lives with his smiling wife and children surrounded by cattle, beautiful palm trees, pigs, goats and chickens in the company of a heat that does not suffocate. it just makes the days nicer.  

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