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abejas en panales en finca de bioco

In BIO.CO we work to generate awareness of caring for the environment, each of our projects and products contributes to the conservation of our resources and care for our ecosystems. We seek that all the people and communities with whom we work become active agents of sustainable development.

In 2022, the regional autonomous corporation of Santander, C.A.S.4.0 and its green business window recognize the company BIO.CO S.A.S in activity and entrepreneurship in the supply of goods and services that incorporate good environmental, social and economic practices.

The Green Business Brand Seal is a certification issued by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, which generates a market relationship between the supply and demand of green products that guarantee the consumer a promise of value with a positive environmental impact, good practices environmental, social and economic and life cycle.

Bees are one of the most important pollinators on the planet, having a fundamental role with their pollination process for ecological balance, since they are the ones in charge of the majority of the reproduction of plant species, contributing to the flora of each ecosystem, Our apiaries are located in different regions of the country, where we contribute to preserving different plant species and also take care of our bees.

We create well-being to transform our planet!


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