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Aceite de coco extra virgen biococo 1 litro en vidrio

Virgin coconut oil pot 1 liter

SKU: 19

*We are in the process of changing our image, we are leaving the previous stock, the product label may vary to the image.

The ecological version of packaging for the most eco-friendly. Glass container with easy-open aluminum screw to prevent watering. It contains 1 liter of cold-pressed organic coconut oil, pure, without additives, without chemicals, not rendered oil, our product is the result of the first and only pressing that is carried out with the aim of preserving the nutrients and guaranteeing a quality product. Supreme quality. Creamy in cold weather and liquid in hot weather. Modifiable texture by putting it in the fridge or putting it in a bain-marie as needed.

Ideal for use in the kitchen because it has a lot of content, but it can also be used for cosmetic use since coconut oil is the same, only its presentations vary to make its use and application easier.

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